Spring Wedding in the Okanagan

Blooming Love

Located in Salmon Arm, nestled in the renowned Okanagan Valley, Wallis and Tom chose their family property adorned with fragrant apple blossoms as their backdrop for their wedding. The delicate petals of these blooming trees symbolized the growth, and the flourishing love between the two. I got to know the couple through a series of video chats and we hit it off right away! Their wedding turned out even better than I could have pictured it.

The bride and her dad walking down the isle in their backyard wedding

The bride and her father hugging in the isle before she is given away a the ceremony. Ceremony photos in the Okanagan

The bride and her dad embracing before being given away

The couple's love story was one of dedication and perseverance. After meeting on a Europe trip, they embarked on a long-distance relationship that spanned thousands of kilometres. Their commitment and unwavering love inspired their friends and family, who gathered to witness their union and celebrate the triumph of love conquering all obstacles.

The Okanagan Valley provided an enchanting setting for the union of a Canadian bride and an Australian groom, symbolizing the unity of two worlds. Surrounded by all of the apple blossoms, their love story unfolded. Their wedding became a testament to the power of love, reminding us that distance is no match for true love and that shared histories and blooming beginnings can create a truly magical celebration