Kelowna Summer Mountain Wedding

There was no stopping Darcy and Amelia from sharing their love for each other on their special day. After 2 separate reschedules with different dates and a potential location change they decided that tying the knot and getting to share it with each other was most important.

Kelowna wedding photographer captures brides throwing their dresses
Kelowna wedding photo, black and white of couple kissing
Wedding photo of brides kissing with the view of Kelowna behind.

Dilworth Mountain Park in Kelowna is a spectacular place to take photos, especially your wedding photos! When Darcy and Amelia reached out to me letting me know that their wedding date had to be moved, there was no hesitation to make magic happen in a different way. Having decided to marry in a small ceremony with their closest friends and family before our photos gave us the freedom to choose the perfect day to capture their love. Originally planned for a wonderful day in May, we moved our photos to July when the sun was warm and bright, and the grass was a soft green.

Undoubtedly the best part (okay...ONE of the best parts of Dilworth Mountain) is the view of Kelowna in the background. At any time of the year, the view of the city is spectacular! The second best thing is during the spring yellow flowers, known as the Arrowleaf Balsamroot, bloom all over the park. Knowing this, we planned our day so we capture some of the remaining flowers in our photos.

It certainly made for a love-filled time and knowing both of these brides get to treasure these photos for the rest of their lives, give this Okanagan photographer great joy.

Brides walking together in Kelowna during summer wedding